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SC 13G/A
FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/09/2017
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      CUSIP NO. 92922P106                           13G   Page 9 of 14



                          (iii)  Sole power to dispose or to direct the disposition of


                                        Franklin Resources, Inc.:                            0


                                        Charles B. Johnson:                                  0


                                        Rupert H. Johnson, Jr.:                              0


                                        Franklin Advisers, Inc.:                    41,120,915


                           (iv)   Shared power to dispose or to direct the disposition of




          Item 5.  Ownership of Five Percent or Less of a Class


                            If this statement is being filed to report the fact that as of the date

                            hereof the reporting person has ceased to be the beneficial owner of more

                            than five percent of the class of securities, check the following [ ].


          Item 6.  Ownership of More than Five Percent on Behalf of Another Person


                            The clients of the Investment Management Subsidiaries, including investment

                            companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and other

                            managed accounts, have the right to receive or power to direct the receipt of

                            dividends from, and the proceeds from the sale of, the securities reported



                            Franklin Income Fund, a series of Franklin Custodian Funds, an investment

                            company registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, has an interest

                            in 28,041,726 shares, or 20.5%, of the class of securities reported herein.


          Item 7.  Identification and Classification of the Subsidiary Which Acquired the

                            Security Being Reported on By the Parent Holding Company


                            See Attached Exhibit C


          Item 8.  Identification and Classification of Members of the Group


                            Not Applicable


          Item 9.  Notice of Dissolution of Group


                            Not Applicable