Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Joint Venture Drilling Program

Joint Venture Drilling Program
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2018
Oil And Gas Exploration And Production Industries Disclosures [Abstract]  
Joint Venture Drilling Program

4. Joint Venture Drilling Program

On March 12, 2018, W&T and two other initial members formed and initially funded a limited liability company, Monza Energy LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, that will jointly participate with us in the exploration, drilling and development of up to 14 identified drilling projects (the “JV Drilling Program”) in the Gulf of Mexico over the next three years.  W&T initially contributed 88.94% of its working interest in 14 identified undeveloped drilling projects to Monza and retained 11.06% of its working interest.  The Monza board approved the substitution of one of these identified undeveloped drilling projects, the Viosca Knoll 823 (“Virgo”) A-14 well, with the Virgo A-13 well, which was contributed to Monza through the conveyance by W&T of 58.71% of its working interest in such well to Monza and retaining 41.29% of its working interest in such well.  The interest in the Virgo A-14 well was reconveyed to W&T.  Since the initial closing, additional investors have joined as members of Monza and as of December 31, 2018, total commitments by all members, including W&T, were $361.4 million.  Monza closed off funding from additional investors.  The JV Drilling Program is structured so that we initially receive an aggregate of 30.0% of the revenues less expenses, through both our direct ownership of our working interest in the projects and our indirect interest through our interest in Monza, for contributing 20.0% of the estimated total well costs plus associated leases and providing access to available infrastructure at agreed upon rates.  For one well in the JV Drilling Program, a modification was approved exempting W&T from funding certain cost overruns and W&T is receiving 20% of the revenues less expenses of its prior interest on a combined basis, which removes W&T’s promote in this well.  W&T will be the operator of each well in the JV Drilling Program unless there is already a designated third-party operator.

The members of Monza are made up of third-party investors, W&T and an entity owned and controlled by Mr. Tracy W. Krohn, our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President.  The Krohn entity invested as a minority investor on the same terms and conditions as the third-party investors and its investment is limited to 4.5% of total invested capital within Monza.  The entity affiliated with Mr. Krohn has made a capital commitment to Monza of $14.5 million.  

At the inception of Monza, W&T received a net reimbursement of approximately $20.0 million for the capital expenditures incurred prior to the close date for projects in the JV Drilling Program.  W&T may be obligated to fund certain cost overruns, subject to certain exceptions, on JV Drilling Program wells above budgeted and contingency amounts.  As of December 31, 2018, members of Monza made partner capital contribution payments to Monza totaling $114.7 million.

Information on the structure and relationship follows:

Board Structure and Authority

Under the Monza limited liability agreement, the business and affairs of Monza are managed by a board of five directors, which will consist of three directors selected by the third-party investors, Mr. Krohn, and an additional independent director will be selected by a majority of the third-party investors in Monza subject to consent by W&T.  The independent director and one of the directors to be selected by the investors have not yet been selected.  The day-to-day operations of Monza are being managed by W&T, under the direction of the Monza board, pursuant to a services agreement.  W&T has no control over the decisions of the Monza board.  W&T has veto rights for certain decisions, but does not have the ability to unilaterally make decisions for Monza, except for day-to-day decisions as permitted under the services agreement.  The Monza board is responsible for the management of Monza and for making decisions with respect to its interest in the 14 drilling projects, including approval of the budgets.    

Accounting Methodology and Carrying Amounts

  Our interest in Monza is considered to be a variable interest entity that we account for using proportional consolidation.  We do not fully consolidate Monza because we are not considered the primary beneficiary and we utilize proportional consolidation to account for our interest in the Monza properties.  As of December 31, 2018, in the Consolidated Balance Sheet, we recorded $8.8 million, net, in oil and natural gas properties, $3.3 million in other assets and $0.7 million, net, increase in working capital in connection with our proportional interest in Monza’s assets and liabilities.  For the year ended December 31, 2018, we recorded $4.3 million in revenue, $2.3 million in operating expense and $0.2 million, net, in other expense in connection with our proportional interest in Monza’s operations.

Maximum Exposure

Our contribution to Monza as of December 31, 2018 was $53.0 million, which consisted of net cash and the conveyance of the Company’s working interest in the 14 projects.  We may also take responsibility for certain drilling and completion cost overruns, subject to certain limitations and certain exceptions, of which the total exposure cannot be estimated at this time.